SessionSuite Enterprise Edition

SessionSuite Enterprise Edition enables interactive IP communications within enterprises or extended communities of interest. It enables organizations to leverage Internet economics and reach to extend enterprise voice and video services to telecommuters, remote offices, mobile users and nomadic users for improved productivity and reduced costs. In business continuity applications, enterprises can maintain normal business operations during weather emergencies, natural disasters, security crises, and health emergencies.

SessionSuite Enterprise Edition includes a variety of popular calling features plus numerous advanced capabilities including integrated voicemail, auto-attendant, multi-party conference bridging and call recording capabilities. It is compatible with a wide variety of standards-based soft phones, SIP phones, and traditional analog telephones.

SessionSuite Enterprise Edition incorporates flexible and integrated boundary solutions for NAT and firewall traversal, allowing enterprises to easily extend voice services to Internet users. It also allows VoIP users to place and receive calls with legacy PBX users or users connected to the PSTN.

Unlike traditional voice solutions based on centralized PBXs, SessionSuite Enterprise Edition is comprised of modular software components hosted on industry-standard servers and distributed throughout the network to best meet an enterprise’s specific topology, scale and functional needs. It reduces capital equipment and operational expenditures by integrating incumbent IT Directory Services and AAA services, allowing voice to be treated similarly to other IT data-center applications.

As one of the Business Communications Platforms in the SessionSuite product family, SessionSuite Enterprise Edition lays the foundation for delivering interactive communications as Web Services in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).