Session Suite

Global Reachability
  • Deliver reliable and secure communication services to IP-connected workforces and affiliates
  • Exploit any IP infrastructure (Intranet, Extranet, Internet)
  • Traverse NAT and firewall boundaries without any external equipment
  • Leverage incumbent PBX and PSTN infrastructures
  • Leverage IP and SIP-based services
Reduced CapEx and OpEx
  • Lower telecommunications carrier expenditures using Internet calling
  • Cap PBX investments and lower acquisition costs by leveraging software on industry-standard servers
  • Extend IT data infrastructure to voice communications
  • Choose from a variety of standards-based SIP phones, softphones, or traditional analog telephones and other adjunct devices such as Session Border Controllers
SOA-Ready Platform
  • Upgrade to SessionSuite SOA Edition to deploy voice and video as services in an enterprise SOA
  • Add SIP-controlled communications to business process applications and Web sites
  • Increase product and service revenues, improve customer satisfaction and gain operational efficiencies