Products & Applications

BlueNote Networks’ Business Communications Platforms enable you to easily deploy voice, video and other interactive communication services right within your existing IT applications infrastructure. So instead of running a stand-alone telephony system, you can run innovative communications-enabled business applications that improve productivity, increase customer reach and drive revenues.

SessionSuite Business Communications Platforms deliver voice, video and other real-time interactive communication services to extended enterprise users as an integral part of an enterprise IT applications architecture – or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

With our software, enterprises, ISVs and solution providers can quickly and easily incorporate SIP-based interactive communication services into commercial or custom software applications, Web sites and internal business processes using industry-standard interfaces and technology.

Our SOA-ready solutions enable enterprises to leverage their existing IT application investments and development resources to build and deploy valuable communications-enabled business applications. By incorporating voice and video into business applications, enterprises can enjoy improved employee productivity, increased product and services revenues, and increased customer satisfaction and retention.

The SessionSuite family of Business Communications Platforms delivers all of the features, services and tools necessary for building and deploying real-time interactive communications as Web Services in an enterprise applications architecture.

  • SessionSuite™ Enterprise Edition is a standalone software application that enables an enterprise to economically deliver popular calling features and advanced services, such as integral voicemail and conferencing, to distributed Internet-connected users, improving productivity and user collaboration while realizing a significant Return on Investment (ROI).
  • SessionSuite™ SOA Edition and SDK adds easy-to-use Web Service APIs that enable organizations to rapidly build business processes, applications and Web sites that incorporate the full suite of SessionSuite communication services. With the ability to initiate phone calls, correlate data with calls and allow business processes and applications to affect call handling, SessionSuite SOA Edition provides unique and extensible tools to build innovative, customized applications.
  • SessionSuite™ Desktop is an innovative Windows-based personal communications assistant that integrates telephony functions with business applications to improve worker productivity. This flexible application delivers integrated voice capabilities to a desktop or notebook personal computer and can be optionally used to augment a companion desk phone or mobile phone. SessionSuite Desktop improves communications for office workers as well as telecommuters and mobile employees.
  • SessionSuite™ Management System is a secure Web-based application for administering SessionSuite services, users, and policies.
  • SessionSuite™ User Portal enables end users to select and manage their SessionSuite services and features from a Web browser, under control of the IT or Telecom manager.