Enterprise Communication Services with Popular Voice Calling Features
SessionSuite Enterprise Edition delivers an out-of-the box software-based enterprise communications application. It features a variety of popular calling capabilities plus numerous advanced features including integrated voicemail and auto-attendant, a multi-party conference bridge facility, and call recording capabilities. These advanced capabilities are fully integrated, with no requirement to license separate systems. SessionSuite Enterprise Edition is compatible with a wide selection of standards-based softphones, SIP phones, and traditional analog telephones.

Modular, Software-based Solution
SessionSuite Enterprise Edition is based on a unique modular software architecture offering a high degree of flexibility and scalability. SessionSuite Enterprise Edition software components are distributed strategically throughout a network to meet an enterprise’s unique functional, topological and scale requirements. Specific software components are installed to fulfill the unique functional requirements of particular locations such as a corporate headquarters, branch office, or small office. The distributed network is provisioned and managed as a unified system using the SessionSuite Management System.

Integration with Legacy Voice Infrastructure
SessionSuite Enterprise Edition bridges VoIP networks and traditional PSTN/PBX infrastructures, allowing VoIP users to place and receive calls with legacy PBX users or users of the PSTN. SessionSuite Enterprise Edition works with standards-based third-party analog and digital line adapters, and supports a variety of interfaces including T1 CAS, ISDN PRI, and analog FXS/FXO. Organizations can migrate to VoIP while making use of previous investments in PBX and telephony gear, and maintaining communications with the public telephone infrastructure.

Integral NAT and Firewall Boundary Traversal
SessionSuite Enterprise Edition incorporates flexible and integrated boundary solutions for NAT and firewall traversal, allowing enterprises to extend corporate voice services to Internet-enabled mobile workers, Internet-connected affiliates such as subsidiaries and suppliers, or outside service providers without the need to purchase and manage separate products.

Intelligent Network Awareness
SessionSuite Enterprise Edition provides admission control and Quality of Service (QoS) based on network transport and topology. Different quality and media treatment policies can be applied to each call to optimize voice quality and make best use of network resources.

Scalable, Reliable Solution
SessionSuite Enterprise Edition’s distributed system architecture delivers scale, survivability, and resiliency regardless of application or topology. The system’s fault tolerant design automatically detects and restarts software modules in case of failure. Intelligent server load-balancing techniques provide a scalable and reliable solution.

IT Infrastructure Integration
SessionSuite Enterprise Edition integrates directly with IT AAA systems and Directory Services. Integration with RADIUS AAA servers and Microsoft® Active Directory servers, allows voice services and users to be treated and managed in a manner similar to other IT applications, eliminating redundant user and service provisioning while enabling IT staff to manage voice services.

Unified Network Management
The SessionSuite Management System delivers unified management for a distributed SessionSuite implementation, including adjunct capabilities such as NAT/firewall traversal tools and advanced voice services. It features a multi-user Web browser interface for administering services, users and policies plus performing fault, configuration, inventory, performance and security management. Unified, end-to-end call detail records provide consolidated accounting for office based, remote, and nomadic users.

Web-based Service Selection
The SessionSuite User Portal allows users to manage their SessionSuite services and features using a standard Web browser. This secure interface is used to configure and enable calling features such as call forwarding and FindMe, change account settings, and play and manage voicemail messages from any location.

Interactive Services for SOAs
The SessionSuite product family includes a rich set of Web Service APIs for enterprises planning or implementing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Forward-looking businesses can increase revenues, gain operational efficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction by adding interactive voice or video to business process applications and Web sites. SessionSuite customers can leverage and extend their investments with these new capabilities – with no operational impact.